The friends who invented Gary

Patrik & Edward
Patrik and Edward are the creators of Gary. They did go through both laughs and tears to make it happen. But hard work in combination with some slacking made the deal.

They drew ideas on paper like it still were the 20th century and they were exhausted and nearly ran into the wall. But they kept focus on the creating and we are all lucky they did.

Later on they opened Gamemaker 7 Pro Cracked version and Edward who never before had used this program had to learn it all from the beginning. Patrik had more experience of Gamemaker and learned Edward all that Edward had patience to learn.

So were the beginning and so is the story told. The result you can not read. You can only play.

Written in stone.


Also, you can write to us, report bugs, beg for more or just want to thank us. If you draw a picture of Gary maybe we will publish it on the site.

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