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Today we handed in our project rapports together with a copy of the game. Not just a copy of GARY 0.3, no no no. We gave them GARY 0.3.3 and you can get a copy to. Download GARY 0.3.3 beta right now. 0.3.3 maybe doesnt sound very enhancing but i can tell you, it is.

GARY 0.3.3 beta has:
Timebased highscore
Save/load functionality
Posibility to mute the sound
Different screen modes
And so on...

A great improvement as you can see!

+ GARY 0.3.3 beta are now downloadable
+ The schoolwork part of the game is finally over
- Printing out a number of copies and copy papers the half hour before it has to handed in


GARY 0.3 BETA is released and you download it by clicking GARY 0.3 beta that or go to the download page. Also, we have a facebook group, join it and invite all of your little friends!

+ GARY 0.3 beta are now downloadable
+ Further progress are going well
- Our host doesnt allow .exe files


World number two is completely finished! The boss, you are gonna lovehate it so much. Finally we can continue with the level creating, thats a fun and rather fast and easy part of the game making progress. The fact the world three is in the making makes GARY version grow from 0.2.3 to 0.3. Yay, yay and yay!

+ World 2 finished
+ Level making in sight
- Bosses that takes ages to create


We had our third meeting with our project mentor. Everything with the game creating is excellent but she remind us that we'll have to do a lot of paperwork and we'll have to start writing on that in just two three weeks from now. Boring.

- Paperwork


GARY 0.2.2 BETA is about done but is not released anywhere and we'll start to work on GARY 0.2.3 at once. The reason we change version number at all is that we now starts to work with the third world. Way, the third is the forest world and it's going to be awesome and GARY is going to show his naked chest with little pink nipples. He's hot and no one knows if he knows.

+ Garys bare chest
- ..


An "GARY 0.1 BETA" is released on YoYo Games. It contains the first world, the desert world; 3 levels + a boss.

+ GARY BETA released
- Trains that are late


Gary 0,1 BETA
Added: 07 February 2010
By: kolibanat


We are gonna make a game.

+ Way!
- Can we really do this?
+ Yes we can!